Musical scores for GNU LilyPond

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This is a small collection of several pieces of music I entered to be able to process them with LilyPond. I entered them using some printed scores I own with the aid of just a text editor, so this has been quite a task.

I believe that all the music I present here is free from copyrights, as the composers have died more than ninety years ago, and the editions of the scores are old, too. Please tell me if you have any objections.

This is all quite preliminary stuff. I just entered the music and didn't care yet for the 'looks'. I don't use ly2dvi, so there are no header entries for this. Just plain mudela for plain lilypond. I consider to add them to mutopia, eventually. This might take some time, though, because I don't want to add unfinished stuff.

Note that I didn't enter the dynamic signs (hairpins, cresc., decresc. etc) yet, because I'm not quite satisfied with the possibilities of mudela in this respect (sorry...). In the piano part I omitted the dynamic signs completely, including pp, mf, f, ff, fz etc, because I didn't want to assign them to either the upper or lower staff--I think they belong to the PianoStaff.

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Johannes Brahms

Piano Concerto No. 1 in D Minor, Opus 15

I just finished entering this. Lily needs a tremendous amount of memory for it, I have not been able to produce the whole score on my machine (32MB RAM + 2*48MB swap)--not even the strings section alone. Thanks to Han-Wen Nienhuys who sent me a processed version of this!

The final chord uses 34 notes, so not every synthesizer might be able to play the midi file. The trills are desperately missing from the midi output! And, I disabled the dynamics_Performer, because it resulted in strange noises like explosions.

The oboe, bassoon and 3rd/4th horn have separate parts for the two instruments, I have yet to separate the two flutes, the clarinets, the 1st/2nd horn and the trumpets.

The complete score is (n=movement no., for now only n=1), and the individual parts are, where xx is the instrument name (vo1=violin 1, va=viola, tr=trumpet, fg1=bassoon1 (fagotto), cod=corni in d etc)


Antonín Dvořák

Bagatelles Opus 47

for 2 violins, violoncello and harmonium (or piano)

Dvořák's publisher Fritz Simrock had concerns about the harmonium; he feared that it was too unusual an instrument to permit profitable sales of the printed music. He wanted to put "for 2 violins, violoncello and pianoforte" on the title, but Dvořák insisted that if the piece was to be really for piano, he would have to change much of the piano part. This would result in revising some of the strings parts, too, which would give a whole new character to the piece, diminishing its quality. In the end, he suggested putting "or piano accompaniment" behind "harmonium" to make it clear that the piece should be played with harmonium where available, and, where not, a piano would do, too.
While telling Simrock the piece would work with a piano, I cannot imagine it being performed with one; harmonium is so much better here.
Some time later (with Simrock insisting), Dvořák transcribed the piece for piano duet (four hands), which was a very popular form of playing the piano at home, then.

When producing the midi files, I changed the repeat volta statements to repeat unfold. So, repeated parts are played twice. I changed this for the first Bagatelle, too.

I. Allegretto scherzando.

II. Tempo di Minuetto. Grazioso.

III. Allegretto scherzando.

IV. Canon. Andante con moto.

V. Poco Allegro

Piano Quintet in A Major, Opus 81

This is some of the greatest music of mankind (no kidding)!! Alas, the mudela files still need much work (dynamics, tempi indications, and more). I will keep on working on them. No timeframe, though.

Alas, I'm not able to produce .tex output anymore, since lilypond's memory consumption is surpassing my machine's limits. With lily 1.2 this was no problem, but for lily 1.3 it doesn't work anymore. Guess I have to get a new machine... David Roundy kindly provided me with the .dvi files for this quintet, so I will be able to add the postscript output here.

Allegro, ma non tanto.

Dumka. Andante con moto.

Scherzo. (Furiant.) Molto vivace.

Finale. Allegro.

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